Turning the Ship of State

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Policy vs Protest. Insiders vs Outsiders.
(R to L) Sunaura Taylor, Jessica Lehman, Marianna Ruybalid surrounded by police. Photo by Jameson Ligni

We look at this centuries-old debate as it plays out for people with disabilities in California’s budget debate.

The Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision ruled that people with disabilities have a right to remain in their communities, even if they need government services to do it. But, how can people with disabilities manifest the promise of Olmstead while slogging through the stagnant politics of Sacramento?

Mary Lou Breslin, long time disability activist, senior policy analyst & co-founder of the Disability Education and Defense Fund (DREDF).

Mary Lou Breslin as a young activist
Bancroft Library Photo

Sunaura Taylor, one of 23 arrested for blocking a street in front of the state capital two weeks ago. Sunaura is a member of Communities United in Defense of Olmstead (CUIDO), the group who organized the Arnieville protest.

Adrienne Lauby and Eddie Ytuarte host.

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