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Do candidates running for state offices have a disability rights agenda or awareness?
We polled candidates for governor. The Peace and Freedom Party and Libertarian Party responded.

People in substance abuse programs showed up in numbers at Wednesday’s large protest of the California budget proposals.
28 people holding 18 boxes of letters inside the state capital building.They brought the 4,000 letters defending the Drug Medi-Cal program, the result of a massive street mobilization by addicts from the Oasis Community Clinic in Oakland. Sacramento addicts also joined the protest.

Are you a danger to people with disabilities when you are driving? Check your habits here.

And, the ongoing mobilization against P.G. & E.’s so-called Smart Meters shuts down a warehouse in Santa Cruz County.

Eddie Ytuarte and Adrienne Lauby host.

Gathering signatures for drug treatment programs. Three women on street corner.
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