Budgets, Budgets and more Budgets

Listen (60 min Special)  Part One, Part Two

IHSS Consumers Union Interview  (5:41)

To contact the IHSS Consumers Union: call 562-435-4236 or email ihss.consumers.union@gmail.com<

What’s in the Way of Winning the Budget Fight. Commentary by Jacob Lesner-Buxton (3:11)

When the Bear Comes to My Garden by Martha Courtot, read by Adrienne Lauby 2:17

Super Mega-Watt Grover sez Join KPFA

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Join Eddie Ytuarte, Adrienne Lauby, and Shelley Berman for an hour-long special look across the budgetary landscape.  We’ll talk to Marty Omoto, director of the California Disability Community Action Network (CDCAN), Kathie Kates, an IHSS worker caring for her 86 year old mother, and Nancy Becker Kennedy of the new IHSS Consumers Union.  We have a commentary by Jacob Lesner-Buxton.   And we’ll be talking to you. . . about joining KPFA as a member.

KPFA’s budget supports our program and we need to keep it healthy.  We’re asking you to remember to support Pushing Limits and KPFA by renewing or joining as a member.  Since we’re discussing the budget, and we’re all on a fixed budget, we’re asking poor people and people on fixed incomes in particular to help us build a strong foundation at KPFA.  The low-income membership is only $25, and we’ve gone all out to get a thank you gift for a membership at any level.


CUIDO, Communities United in Defense of Olmstead, Die-In at State of Calif. Office Building, SF. 2011 Budget Season.

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Original Air date: 2-3-12
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