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Pushing Limits – Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day and an Oscar nomination for Helen Hunt’s portrayal of a sex surrogate bringing intimacy to a disabled man are fueling our fantasies this week.  We bring a dose of romantic reality.

Mark O'Brien in his iron lung

Mark O’Brien in his iron lung

Mark O’Brien who lived most of his life in an iron lung is the focus of the new movie, “The Sessions.” We talk to Jessica Yu, the director of the Oscar-winning “Breathing Lessons,” about her 1996 documentary of the real Mark O’Brien.  She’s offering KPFA members copies of this film.   

Gayle & David by David Steinberg

Gayle & David by David Steinberg



David Steinberg will be in to talk about his photos of raw moments of sexual intimacy between persons with disabilities.  And, Dr.Rafe Eric Biggs and his partner Ligia Andrade, both sex educators with disabilities, will talk about what gets in the way of intimacy for people with disabilities — and what to do about it.   

Jessica Yu

Jessica Yu

An hour of appreciation for the sexual nature of all people with gifts to encourage you to show your appreciation of Pushing Limits by donating to KPFA.

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Original air date: 2-15-13
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