SuperFest – Amputees, Audio Description

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Today we talk movies with Ross Turnbull the creator and director of Terminal Device, a feature film inquiring into the way “hooks” are represented in movies. As a life-long amputee who uses a prosthetic hook, Ross Turnbull has been impacted personally by the stereotype of a villain with a hook.  His movie takes a thoughtful look at these pop culture images.

Alex Locust, also an amputee, is with us too.  He’s one of the organizers of this weekend’s Superfest Disability Film Festival as well as an assistant at the Paul Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State.

Superfest Disability Film Festival

Saturday, Oct 21:  1 pm and 6 pm showings
The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life
2121 Allston Way, Berkeley
Sunday, Oct 23: 1 pm
The Contemporary Jewish Museum
736 Mission Street, San Francisco

We hear clips from “Terminal Device” and discuss some of the ways audio description is being integrated into popular movies.

For more information about audio description, including lists of current audio-described movies showing in theaters, DVDs, and streaming options, check out this amazing website provided by the American Council of the Blind.

Produced and hosted by Adrienne Lauby.  Audio editing by Sheela Gunn-Cushman.

Original air date:  10-21-16



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