Ethan Explains Type 1 Diabetes

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Six year old Ethan Borochoff is interested in many things and most of them are NOT Type 1 Diabetes.  Yet, like most kids with severe disabilities, he knows way more than the average bear about the disease he lives with.  Listen in to hear how he makes it through his days.  Ethan explains it all: insulin pumps, carbohydrates, wobbly legs and why children can experiment with batteries but not the electricity in plugs.

Last summer, Ethan chatted about insulin pumps with Sam Fuld, a professional baseball outfielder who also lives with Type 1 Diabetes.  He met Sam at Root Bear Float Day at the Oakland A’s baseball game, a benefit for the Greater Bay Area Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  This year’s benefit is Tuesday, July 18th when the A’s play the Tampa Bay Rays in a night game.  

Since 2003, the A’s have raised over $486,000 for this cause.  Click here to purchase tickets.  All proceeds from Root Beer Float Sales and a portion of special tickets will benefit the research.

Ethan is the youngest guest to ever do a feature interview on Pushing Limits but we hope he won’t hold that record for long.   We’d like to interview more children who live with severe disabilities.  Send them to us at (707) 795-2890 or via email at

Produced and hosted by Shelley Berman, with help from Adrienne Lauby.  Editing by Sheela Gunn-Cushman.

Original air date: June 16, 2017

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