Cents and Non-Cents

Robin Earth, CUIDO die in, Sacramento GOP convention March 2011Shelley Berman and Leah Gardner discuss making cents out of non-cents. Federal and local budget woes abound, and populations that can least afford it are finding key services slashed with the flick of a pen.

We talk about the impact of more cuts on vulnerable communities statewide and nationally with the Executive Director of the Center for Independent Living of Los Angeles, Lillibeth Navarro, and how to remain strong as our slice of the budget pie dwindles. We also present a unique proposal for decreasing the state budget deficit. Does any of this make cents?

With an interview of Alan Derman by Marissa Shaw & a commentary by Adrienne Lauby.

Alan Derman’s Report: How to Fix the California Budget Deficit Problems http://www.pushinglimits.i941.net/?p=143

Air date: April 15

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