Managed Care: California’s Dual Eligibles & Medicare Deadline

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People receiving MediCal are currently required to use a managed care plan for health care.  Now, California is sending another large chunk of its poorest and most vulnerable citizens into the managed care system.  Those whose health care is paid for by both Medicare and MediCal, the so-called dual eligibles, are hearing the lumbering approach of managed care.   This new system will likely arrive in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Alameda counties in the first six months of 2013.  Along with five counties in Southern California, they’ve been selected for the roll out.

Michelle Rousey with her dog Merlin on one of her many trips to Sacramento.

Many see this as a state-mandated nightmare.   And, there are many affected who, for better or worse, know nothing about it yet.  Today, we pull apart the strands of this knotty topic and let you know what is coming, how dangerous (or harmless) it is, and what you can do to help protect yourselves and your loved ones.

John Stansbury






Michelle Rousey
, Advisory Committee Chair, Alameda County Public Authority

John Stansbury, Administrator, California IHSS Consumer Alliance.  (CICA)


Partial Decision Tree For Medical Plans (from George Mason University)

Plus, in just a week on December 7, the national period for Medicare open enrollment closes for another year.   We talk to “Ruth,” one of the millions who are faced with the difficult decision of choosing a health care plan in the swamp of complicated and over-lapping bureaucracies.

Hosted by Adrienne Lauby.

For more information:

California’s website on dual-eligible managed care 

Dual Eligible StakeHolder Conference Call, Dec 5, 2012, 3-430 pm

Original Air date: 11-30-12
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