“Tumor Boy” & “Healing Homes”

Friday, Dec 7, 2-3 pm PST 94.1 fm or KPFA.org

Head trauma and emotional trauma. . . this week we take a look. . . with hope and humor.  An hour-long fund drive special which begins 30 minutes early, at 2 pm PST.

 We feature:

Healing Homes, a feature-length documentary film directed by Daniel Mackler, chronicles the work of the Family Care Foundation in Gothenburg, Sweden — a program which, in an era of multi-drug cocktails and psychiatric diagnoses-for-life, helps people recover from psychosis without medication or labels.


Tumor Boy is the story of John Healy’s experience of being diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 25.  More than a decade later, he gives us the wry, short version.  If you have a head injury, ADD, or long wordy books just aren’t your thing, “Tumor Boy” is totally what you need.

Co-hosted by Shelley Berman, Adrienne Lauby and Sheela Gunn Cushman

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