Police Violence and Disability

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DJ Quad

DJ Quad

In the consistent violent incidents between people with disabilities (often non-white) and police, the losers are almost always our disabled community members.  This week, we’ll be joined by:

Jesse (DJ Quad) Morin, a Los Angeles area DJ, performer and producer whose group 5th Battalion has produced three CDs; and

Emmitt Thrower, a producer, director, actor, playwright and videographer, who is the CEO and Founder of Wabi Sabi Productions in New York.

These two men are producing a documentary in collaboration with Leroy F. Moore Jr. about these issues.   As you can see on their website, “Where Is Hope” these are men with a lot to say about race, police actions and disability activism.

Emmitt Thrower

Emmitt Thrower

It’s not unusual for friends and family to call the police when someone with a mental disability behaves in a way they cannot cope with.  It’s not unusual that the person they are trying to help is shot and even killed. 

It’s not unusual that a deaf or autistic person is shot because they cannot understand or respond to police commands.  People with cerebral palsy are treated as drunks and homeless people who live with disabilities are double or triple at risk for police harassment.

Logo for "Where is Hope"

Logo for “Where is Hope”

How can we raise the issue of disability-related police violence without diminishing the outrage we feel at deaths which are solely race-based?  Tune in for this important discussion.

Hosted by Eddie Ytuarte and Adrienne Lauby.

CORRECTION:  In this program, Adrienne said that the San Francisco demonstrators laid on the ground for four minutes in honor of the four minutes Michael Brown laid on the ground (and 11 minutes to commemorate the 11 times Michael Brown said, “I can’t breathe.”)  Michael Brown laid on the ground for four hours before his body was taken to the morgue, not four minutes.  We apologize for this mistake.


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