Deafhood Resource List

Most of this list comes from the Deafhood Foundation

book cover, "Understanding Deaf Culture"

Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood
by Paddy Ladd

On-line Film"Re-defining Deaf" logo

Highly recommended!

Re-Defining Deaf –

Video and DVDs

The Preservation of American Sign Language. [Videotape]. Sign Media, Inc. 1997. 77 minutes.

Audism Unveiled. [DVD]. DawnSignPress. 2008. 57 minutes.

The LACD Story. [Videotape]. DeBee Communications, Inc. 1993. 30 minutes.

The Treasure Poems by Ela Mae Lentz. [Videotape]. Inmotion Press. 1995. 60 minutes.


AB 2072 and the Battle for ASL, Pushing Limits: KPFA’s disability program. May 7, 2010

Recommended Web Sites

Dr. Don G’s Deafhood Discourses –

Deafhood Workshops –

Joey Baer on Deafhood –

Orange Brown Coalition –

Stone Deaf Play –

Deafhood on Wiki –

Deaf Bilingual Coaliation –

Audism Freedom America –


See Paddy Ladd’s book, Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood above.

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People of the Eye: Stories from the Deaf World. Wellington, New Zealand: Bridget Williams Books.

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